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Denise Milani Marriage

Actress Died Annie Girardot

... great sound, producer and composer Alan Parsons, who worked at Abbey Road. By the time he had already made his name and reputation for excellent engineer by working with "Monsters of Rock," as Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd. In particular, it was a sound engineer the album Pink Floyd «The Dark Side of the Moon», album of Beatles «Abbey Road», which until now has considered the standards of the studio recording ...
itself collective The Alan Parsons Project (hereinafter - APP) was formed in 1975 when Alan Wolfson has shown his conceptual sketches musical album, inspired by works of Edgar Allan Poe. Material like the Parsons, the more so because he was a fan of mystical prose of Edgar Allan Poe. Was decided to try to record an album. Wolfson proposed to divide the sphere of control. The duties included producing Parsons, the creation of the concept album and pre-vision of music and its arrangement, and recording, and partially - composer function. Wolfson took over the functions of composer and author texts, and all that are directly related to the performance of music. In the same year a contract was signed with the studio 20th Century Records.

studio album, title Tales of Mystery and Imagination, was published in 1976. To record the album was drawn a lot of session musicians. They were mostly those who had previously worked with Parsons, in the first place - the musicians collectives Pilot and Cockney Rebel, which amounted to a kind of "skeleton» The Alan Parsons Project, although the official APP has never had a permanent staff. In addition, the records were brought John Miles (John Miles), Andrew Powell (Andrew Powell) and other musicians. Tales of Mystery and Imagination is still considered the best album of The Alan Parsons Project, though inferior in sales this plates, like The Turn of a Friendly Card (1980) or Ammonia Avenue (1984). Tales is a philosophical creation in the best tradition of symphonic art rock with echoes of psychedelia, which is comparable in quality "Luminary of the genre" like Genesis and Yes. The album beautifully compiled and is perceived as a whole, rather than a set of individual tracks.


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