Friday, January 7, 2011

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Impressed yesterday Travel map Ugranskogo studied region of Smolensk region. The names on the map stirred my immature mind, neighing. That is, a blatant example:

Mokhnatko - Village in Ugranskom district of Smolensk region, Russia. Included in the Podsosonskogo rural settlement. Population - 4 person (2007).

Located in the south-eastern region, 22 km south-east of the Ugra, 16 km south of the R132 highway Vyazma - Kaluga - Tula - Ryazan, on the banks of the river Popolta. At 21 km west of the village is a railway station on the line Vertehovo Torzhok-Bryansk.

, however, think, like you used to live in a village with a population of four! resident? whether there is electricity and other benefits of civilization, I think you answer yourself.

Unfortunate my country ....


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